Management Team

Jordi Escura
Degree in Business Studies.
He was promoted from sales to a senior finance management role and then he came back in 1985 to the Sales field as a member of the board. He joined Mercuri International in 1987 to open a new branch in Barcelona and be responsible of the International Business Area. He has been a local and international partner until 2009 and then he established Consilium Sales Performance Consultants with Mauro Blasco, as a co-founder. He manages the international projects of the company (he has worked in over 40 countries) and national and international partners. He focuses now in BtoB sector.
Mauro Blasco Guillem
Marketing Management.
He has been working from 1980 in Sales fields such as food industry, reprographic systems and sales services, acting as a salesperson, KAM and Sales Manager.
He has been working in consulting from 1988 as salesperson, senior consultant and trainer in Mercuri International for 21 years.
He established Consilium Sales Performance Consultants in 2010 with Jordi Escura, as a co-founder. Nowadays, he is a partner in Consilium SPC and he mainly concentrates on mass markets, BtoC and BtoB. He promotes the Company Services, and works as a consultant and trainer. He also has a large working experience in Portugal and Latin American Countries.